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The Women’s Radio in Europe Network (WREN)

November 12, 2012

On October 4-5, at the Tensions of Europe meeting in Copenhagen, Kristin Skoog and I, together with five other scholars, were pleased to launch a new Tensions of Europe initiative: the Women’s Radio in Europe Network (WREN).

Subtitled ‘Sounding Out the Boundaries’, the new network takes the intersection of gender and radio as a privileged entry point for developing a historical account that further explodes the national frames of both out study of technology and Europe.  At the centre of this focus is radio’s double articulation as medium and as domestic and/or mobile technology.  We follow the networks of radio producers and expertise, the circulation of programmes, genres and formats, and the practices of reception and use to explore the transnational dynamics of radio.  We will explore enduring questions of access and participation, community and identity formation,

We will be developing this agenda over the course of the coming year into a full, detailed programme of research, bringing together schoars from across Europe and

Find out much more here.

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