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I have included as many links to full text (or to visual presentations, in the case of conference papers) as possible.  If you are interested in anything else not accessible from here, please contact me.   I will be happy to share texts, and hopefully exchange some ideas while we’re at it.


Open-access: Golo Föllmer and Alexander Badenoch, (eds) Transnationalizing Radio Research: New Approaches to an Old Medium (Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag 2018)

Alexander Badenoch, Andreas Fickers and Chistian Henrich-Franke (eds), Airy Curtains in the European Ether: Broadcasting and the Cold War (Nomos 2013) Read the introduction and TOC here.

Alexander Badenoch and Andreas Fickers, (eds), Materializing Europe: Transnational Infrastructures and the Project of Europe (Palgrave, 2010)  Read our introduction here.

Sarah Moss and Alexander Badenoch, Chocolate: a Global History (Reaktion Books, 2009) Translations in ArabicKorean and Japanese.

Voices in Ruins: West German Radio Across the 1945 Divide  (Palgrave 2008)  IAMHIST prize for best work in Media and History in 2007-2008.    Read the introduction here.


Edited with Kristin Skoog “Women and Radio: Sounding out the Boundaries” Forum, Women’s History Review 29:2 (2020)


European Radio’s Silenced Witness: The European Broadcasting Union’s Written ArchivesTMG – Journal for Media History25(2) (2022), 1–28.

Kristin Skoog and Alexander Badenoch “Women and Radio: Sounding out New Paths in Women’s History” Women’s History Review 29(2) (2020)177-182

Alexander Badenoch and Kristin Skoog “Your Woman Friend in the West: Women Broadcasters and the Cold War,” Women’s History Review 29(2) (2020) 231-249 (open-access)

Kristin Skoog and Alexander Badenoch, “Lessons from Lilian: Is Transnational (Media) History a Gendered Issue” Feminist Media Histories 5(3) 9-35 (2020) (access here)

Alexander Badenoch and Berber Hagedoorn, “TV on the Radio/Radio on Television: European Television Heritage as a Source for Understanding Radio HistoryVIEW: Journal of European Television History and Culture 7(13) (2018)

Behind the Ironic Curtain: Surfing the Western Airwaves between ‘Pirate’ Radio and Public Service” SPIEL Neue Folge. Eine Zeitschrift zur Medienkultur 2 (1) (2016) 65-90

Troubling territory: West Germany in the European AirwavesGerman Politics and Society 32(1) (Spring 2014) 74-93

In what language do you like to sing best? Placing popular music in broadcasting in post-war EuropeEuropean Review of History 20(5) (2013) . 837 – 857

“Translating Liebeskummer: Combo 1965″ Journal of European Television History and Culture 1(1) (2012)  48-52

“Harmonized Spaces, Dissonant Objects, Inventing Europe? Mobilizing Digital Heritage”, Culture Unbound  3: 295–315. Hosted by Linköping University Electronic Press: (2011)

Die europäische Wiedergeburt des Radios? Die Entwicklung und Arbeit des EBU-Radioprogrammkomitees” [Radio’s European Rebirth? The development and work of the EBU’s radio programme committee] Rundfunk und Geschichte 36(1/2)  (2010)  4-18

Keynote articles “Domestication” and “EBU/OIRT” for VideoActive

“Touring between war and peace: imagining the ‘Transcontinental Motorway’ 1930-1950” Journal of Transport History 28(2)  (2007)  192-210

“Time consuming: women’s radio and the reconstruction of national narratives in western Germany 1945-1948” German History 25:1 (2007)  46-71

“Making Sunday what it actually should be: Sunday radio programming and the re-invention of tradition in occupied Germany 1945-1949,” Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Televison 25:4 (2005) 577-98


Recalling Radio: An Archival View from Radio’s Second Century Kathryn McDonald and Hugh Chignell (eds), Bloomsbury Handbok of Radio. (London: Bloomsbury 2023) p. 453-472.

Alexander Badenoch and Golo Föllmer “Transnationalizing Radio Research: New Encounters with an Old Medium” Golo Föllmer and Alexander Badenoch, (eds) Transnationalizing Radio Research: New Approaches to an Old Medium (Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag 2018), 11-30 (open access)

Radio Diffusion: Re-collecting International Broadcasting in the Archive of Radio Netherlands Worldwide” Golo Föllmer and Alexander Badenoch, (eds) Transnationalizing Radio Research: New Approaches to an Old Medium (Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag 2018), 209-222 (open access)

Kristin Skoog and Alexander Badenoch, “Networking women: The International Association of Women in Radio and Television,” J. Medhurst, S. Nicholas and T. O’Malley (eds) Broadcasting in the UK and US in the 1950s: Historical Perspectives, (Cambridge Scholars Press 2016) 189-218

Caroline Nevejan and Alexander Badenoch “How Amsterdam Invented the Internet: European Networks of Significance, 1980-1999” in Ruth Oldenziel and Gerard Alberts, (eds) Hacking Europe: From Computer Cultures to Demoscenes(Springer 2014) 179-205

“Translating objects, transnationalizing collections: Inventing Europe between museums and researchers” in Perla Innocenti (ed.) Migrating heritage: Experiences of Cultural Networks and Cultural Dialogue in Europe, (Ashgate  2014) 39-52.

Alexander Badenoch and  Hans-Ulrich Wagner: “Coming home into thin air? Radio and the socio-cultural geography of homecoming in Germany 1945-1955” in Sharif Gemie,  G. Scott Soo with Norry Laporte (eds) Coming Home?  Vol. 1: Conflict and Return Migration in the Aftermath of Europe’s Twentieth-Century Civil Wars (Cambridge Scholars Press 2013) 145-163

Between Rock and Roll and a Hard Place: ‘Pirate’ Radio and the Problem of Territory in Post-War Europe” in Badenoch,  Fickers, and  Henrich-Franke, (eds) Airy Curtains in the European Ether: Broadcasting and the Cold War, (Nomos 2013) 297-320

Christian Henrich-Franke, Andreas Fickers and Alexander Badenoch, “Airy Curtains in the European Ether: Introduction” in Henrich-Franke, Fickers and Badenoch (eds) Airy Curtains in the European Ether: Broadcasting and the Cold War, (Nomos: 2013)  9-26

Alexander Badenoch and Andreas Fickers, “Europe Materializing? Toward a transnational history of European infrastructures,” in Badenoch and Fickers, eds. Materializing Europe: Transnational Infrastructures and the Project of Europe, (Palgrave 2010) 1-25

Myths of the European Network: Constructions of Cohesion in Infrastructure Maps” in Badenoch and Fickers, eds.  Materializing Europe: Transnational Infrastructures and the Project of Europe, (Palgrave 2010)  47-77

“More ‘Helau’ than ‘Hummel-Hummel’? Cultural landscapes in the programme of the NWDR Cologne 1945-1949” in: Briel, Holger / Fehringer, Carol (eds.), Field Studies:German Language, Media and Culture (Peter Lang 2005 ) 197-215


Tutorial: Searching and analysing the Sound and Vision Radio Collection using Automatic Speech Recognition CLARIAH Media Suite, February 2023

Wil Roebroeks and Alec Badenoch, “Katharine MacDonald: A Burning Light in Prehistory” Trowelblazers, 31 January 2023

Finding a place in the world: radio ‘maps” Topical stream on the Transnational Radio Encounters knowledge platform

Learning materials for the MOOC Transnational Radio Stories, September 2014. “World services and diaspora” “Europe as a hybrid broadcasting space” “Archives as research tool” and “Dutch radio culture”

Chief content editor, Inventing Europe, (www.inventingeurope.eucollaborative online exhibit, as part of the Making Europe project ( Author of 10 historical ‘tours’ through European history.

Content editor, Europe, Interrupted, online virtual exhibit for ESF-Eurocores programme “Inventing Europe: Technology and the Making of Europe, 1850 to the Present”

“The Peculiar Silence of The Boat That Rocked Discussion of Richard Curtis’s 2009 film for ZZF-Potsdam’s Zeitgeschichte Online (

(with Suzanne Lommers) “EBU Archives: The other ‘public service'” European Broadcasting Union  Diffusion online, July 2006

CONFERENCE PAPERS AND INVITED LECTURES (Recent Selection – also see my prezi page)

‘Automatic Speech Recognition of Radio; case study Eurovision Song Contest’ Webinar on the Clariah Media Suite, Centre for Digital Humanities, Utrecht University, 26 November 2021

“Where in the world is Jos Cleber? The unresounding Dutchness of light music in the global airwaves,” Utrecht University/Beeld en Geluid Symposium Music in Radio Drama, 10 March 2021 

“European Pop Jury: unravelling the transnational tangle of pop music and public service radio,” Invited lecture for the series “Recherches sur le journalisme et les médias”, Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3), 24 November 2020 

“Breakfast at Milliways: a hitchhiker’s guide to digital projects and the art of the (im)possible” Keynote presentation, Entangled Media Histories (EMHIS) workshop, Gregynog Hall, 15 May 2019

How to be invisible and how to shut up: sounding out the boundaries” Introductory talk for the panel New Emergences:Women in Radio , Rewire Festival, The Hague 8 April 2018

“ re-inventing global radio?” Paper for the symposium “‘Keep in Touch with the Dutch’ 90 years of international broadcasting in the Netherlands,” Amsterdam 1 June 2017

“Translating the top 40: charting the borders of pop music in 1960s Europe” Talk for “Entangled Media Histories: Tracing entanglements in media history” conference Lund 17-19 May 2017

“Re-sounding Dutchness: Light Music and Radio Nederland Wereldomroep”  Conference Popular Music and identity politics: making, archiving, transmitting, and receiving radio Zürich, Switzerland 18-20 Feb 2016

“Re-assembling the memory box? Transnational radio encounters in the age of digital heritage” Transnational Memory seminar, Utrecht University 11 December 2014

“Land, sea, and airwaves: offshore broadcasting and the transformation of territory in Cold War Europe”  Conference “Transnational Media Relationships During the Cold War: Programme Transfer and Cultural Communication Through Radio and Television Between 1945-1990” Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung, Potsdam, 29 November 2014

“The tangled web of Europe and infrastructures: shining futures and dead ends” Joint keynote address with Léonard Laborie, “New Directions in the History of Infrastructures” Post & Tele Museum, Copenhagen 26 September 2014

Translating women: the entangled networks of women and radio between the Cold War, decolonization and developmentMedia history research seminar, Lund University, 24 September 2014

Contextualizing digital objects in European and transnational contexts” Keynote talk for Inventing Europe workshop, Boerhaave Museum, Leiden 25 June 2014.  Video available here.

Vision 1920: historical perspectives on the future of public service radio” Talk for the first Transnatonal Radio Encounters workshop, European Broadcasting Union, Geneva, 13 March 2014

Always already transnational?  Remapping the borders, relocating encounters in the era of digital audio(visual) heritage” Paper for the LARM conference, “Digital Audiovisual Memory” 14-15 November 2013

Trans-multi-intermedialität” Invited commentary for interim evaluation symposium European History Online Mainz, 4 November 2013

Performing Borders? The complex case of popular music in mid-20th C Europe” Invited lecture for the Cité des Télécoms Doctoral Summer School “Between International, Transnational and Global History : Information Technologies at Borders,19th-21st C.” Pleumeur-Bodou 23-25 September 2013

(with Kristin Skoog) “Your Woman Friend in the West: Radio, Women and the Cold War” paper at “The Radio Conference: Transnational Forum” University of Bedfordshire 9-12 July 2013

“Networking the Museum” Invited talk for the international conference “Museum in Motion” for the 140th Anniversary of the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, 10-11 December 2012

Reframing objects, objectifying photos? Digital collections in Inventing Europe” Invited lecture for the joint Stichting Academisch Erfgoed/Vereniging van Samenwerkende Centra in Wetenschap en Techniek symposium “De gevoelige plaat” Amsterdam 29 October 2012

“Transnationalizing artefacts? Lessons from Inventing Europe” Artefacts Consortium Meeting, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, 8 October 2012

(with Kristin Skoog) “What we’re talking about when we’re talking about radio history” Invited lecture for the LARM radio research archive, Copenhagen University, 5 October 2012

Networking the flexible platform: Inventing Europe between researchers, museums and educators” CIMUSET 2012: Brighter Perspectives for Science and Technology Museums, Tampere and Helsinki, 28-31 August 2012

What should Gerda Heuldonk do? Domestic skills and transborder navigation in post-war women’s radio in Western Europe.” Paper for “Addressing the Audience: European Historical Perspectives” Centre for Broadcasting History, Bournemouth University, 3 May 2012

(with Kristin Skoog) “Networking women: The International Association of Women in Radio and Television,” presentation for the “Broadcasting in the 1950s Conference” Gregynog Hall,Wales 20-22 July 2011

Pirates, incorporated: offshore broadcasting and the commemoration of pop music radio”  panel “New media, new memory” IAMHIST conference, Copenhagen  July 6-9, 2011,

The obduracy of a musical gesture: a rhizomatic approach” spontaneous seminar in new media cultures, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, 14 June 2011

Black magic, white magic: chocolate as medicine from aphrodisiacs to antioxidants” Lecture for chocolate study day at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London 7 May 2011

“Iron(ic) Curtains: technology, territory and the new role of broadcasting in Cold War Europe” Introductory presentation for “Voices of Freedom – Western Interference? 60 Years of Radio Free Europe” conference, Munich, April 28-30 2011

“Harmonizing for Dissonance? Creating a transnational virtual exhibit using online heritage collections”  Research Seminar, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) e-Humanities group, Amsterdam 17 February 2011

“What’s the (European) story? Making sense of the digital heritage environment.” Keynote lecture for the First EUscreen International Conference on Content Selection Policies and Contextualisation 7-8 October 2010.

“Familiar voices:  radio and the renegotiation of intimacy in postwar Germany” Media and Humanities seminar, Lincoln University, 21 April 2010

“The Love of Chocolate and the Spirit of Christmas” Invited Lecture, Not Just for Christmas workshop Glasgow, 19 December 2009

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