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Annual conference of the Studienkreis Rundfunk und Geschichte: “Media upheavals since 1950”

April 23, 2012

Coming up in a few weeks:

The annual conference of the  Studienkreis Rundfunk und Geschichte in co-operation with the Medientreffpunkt Mitteldeutschland, Leipzig 8.-9. Mai 2012.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Media Upheavals since 1950”:

In the last ten years, a fundamental change in the media spectrum has taken place: in the distribution channels, the receiving apparatus,  in media content as well as in how that content is received by people.  Many view this as a drastic upheaval.  Radio and television, the leading media of the 20th Century, need to redefine their function, their economic basis and their relationship with audience is the digitized mediascape.

But is this really so new?  Media upheavals have occurred repeatedly: the diffusion of TV, the growth of the pop music and other target-specific channels, the coming of commercial broadcasting, cabel and satellite broadcasting and DAB, are only a few examples of of ‘historical’ upheavals in world of broadcasting.   All of these upheavals have have changed modes of use, economic models, journalistic procedures and of course media products themselves.

The full programme (in German) can be found at the website of the Studienkreis, and information on the full event can be found at the website of the Medientreffpunkt Mitteldeutschland.

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